Connecting Google Analytics

  • Adding Google Analytics to your Sites Done Right install is very simple. Plus, there is no need to know any code to get up and running.

  • Step 1 - Visit Add Ons

    Step 1 - Visit Add Ons

    From the admin menu, go to Configuration > Add Ons

    (you can also type ‘Add Ons’ in the admin menu search bar)

  • Step 2 - Enable Google Analytics

    On the site Add-Ons,¬†go to the Google Analytics tab and click ‘Enable Google Analytics’

  • Step 3 - Adjust your parameters

    Add your Google Analytics parameters

    1. Enter your Google Analytics ID (this can be found in your account and usually is formatted as UA-XXXXXXXX-X)
    2. You can control further parameters for analytics tracking including
      • Tracker name
      • Cookie name
      • Cookie domain
      • Cookie expiration
      • Client ID
      • Sample rate
      • Site speed sample rate
      • Sending referrer
      • Allow anchor parameters
  • Not got a Google Analytics account?

    You’ll need to create a Google Analytics account if you don’t have one – this can be done by visiting:

    If you need help setting up your Google Analytics Account, you can check out their helps section below: