Connecting Mailchimp

  • Adding Mailchimp integration to your Sites Done Right install is a breeze.

    We automatically add the necessary scripts for seamless integration and there is no need for 3rd party plugins that can bloat your site!

  • Step 1 - Visit Add-Ons

    From the admin menu, go to Configuration > Add-Ons

    (you can also type ‘Add-Ons’ in the admin menu search bar)

  • Step 2 - Enable Mailchimp

    On the Add-Ons page, go to the Mailchimp tab and click ‘Enable Mailchimp’

  • Step 3 - Adjust your parameters

    Add your MailChimp API Key.

    You will need to be logged into your Mailchimp dashboard and visit your account page ( On this page visit ‘Extras > API Keys’.

    Click the ‘Create A Key’ button to create a new API Key.

    A new key will be generated and you will be able to copy and paste the Key provided into your Sites Done Right dashboard.

  • Step 4 - Enable Mailchimp Goal

    If you’ve enabled Mailchimp Goal tracking within your account, you can add your Goal ID to continue tracking anyone who clicks a link in a Mailchimp email through to your site.

    This is especially useful if you want to trigger an automation campaign after someone visits a specific URL on your site.