Connecting Tawk Live Chat

If you want to offer live chat as part of your web experience, look no further than our Tawk integration.

  • Step 1 - Visit Site Settings

    From the admin menu, go to Configuration > Site Settings

    (you can also type ‘site settings’ in the admin menu search bar)

  • Step 2 - Enable Tawk

    On the site settings page, go to the Tawk tab and click ‘Enable Tawk’

  • Step 3 - Adjust your parameters

    Add your Tawk parameters

    1. Enter your Tawk account ID (this can be found in your Tawk account)
  • Creating a Tawk account

    Setting up a Tawk account is very straightforward and for a full list of instructions you can visit:

    Tawk is an awesome free live chat software. It supports unlimited agents and has apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.